Don’t let your nut allergies give you a fright this Halloween

Tim Robbins
4 min readSep 30, 2020

Have nut allergies made Halloween extra spooky? This year, have an allergy-inclusive Halloween with candies, chewing gum and lollipops that won’t drive you ‘nuts’!

While giving out goodies to the flock of trick-or-treaters on Halloween, do you fret over their allergy? You’re not alone. Today, since most neighborhoods prefer only factory-wrapped treats over home-baked treats, swap your regular treats with these allergy-free goodies that are sure to make the little ghouls and pixies smile.

1. Ghastly Gummy Bears

Pick up spooky gummy bears that come in eerie shapes like spiders, bats, fangs and worms! They’re made with organic and non-GMO ingredients including real organic cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. That’s not all. They’re free of the top 10 food allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish, sesame, sulfites and no artificial colors. Did we mention that 1% of their sales are donated to environmental issues? Yes, that too!
Must try: Surf Sweets (Spooky Shapes), YumEarth (Organic Gummy Bats and Jack O Lanterns), Haribo (Horror Mix, Scare Mix)

2. Grisly Granola Bars

Contrary to popular belief, delicious, crunchy granola bars can be peanut-free and nut-free. Some are even produced in factories that are free of peanuts and tree nuts too. With unique flavors like lemon zest, s’mores, chocolate mint, chocolate pretzel and honey oat, these healthy snacks are a great option.
Must try: Made Good Granola Bars (Halloween Minis), Clif Crunch Granola Bar (Kid ZBar Full Moon Brownie Bar), Luna Bars (Lemon Zest)

3. Creepy Chewing Gum

From individually wrapped terrifying eyeballs for a quick and easy hand out, to packs of gum that look like bandages of Egyptian mummies, this is a unique addition to Halloween goody bags. With unusual flavors like hot chili, chili pepper, peach cobbler and raspberry vanilla, it’s time for peppermint and spearmint to take a back seat, and let chewing gum be a part of your Halloween giveaways.
Must try: Big League Chew (Howling, Gruesome), Extra (Pumpkin Spice), Hubba Bubba (Halloween Tape/Gum Packs)

4. Sinister Sour Candy

Fancy your candy with flavors that make you pucker up? Or how about chewy ‘zombie’ candy, gummy candy corn or better yet, candy that ‘tricks’ you? With tarty flavors like lime, lemon, orange, berry and raspberry, this one’s especially for those who like their candy more sour than sweet. And yes, it’s an allergy friendly treat for those with an allergy to milk, eggs, wheat, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, and soy.
Must try: Mike and Ike (Mummy’s Mix, Vampire Variety), Sour Patches (Zombie, Candy Corn & Trickster)

5. Blood-sucking Lollipops

Unleash the fruit ninja in you with these new organic lollipops! In fruitilicious flavors like mango, grape, strawberry and pomegranate, these lollipops are vegan, gluten-free, kosher, nut-free, soy-free and don’t use any artificial ingredients. Perfect for trick-or-treat candy buckets, you don’t need to read the labels for this one.
Must try: Wholesome (Wicked Watermelon, Eerie Orange), Jolly Rancher (Spooky Shapes), Dum Dums (Original Pops)

6. Deadly Dried Fruit Snack Packs

With flavors like mango, apricot, cranberry, noor dates, figs, goji berry — this is fruit fusion/explosion. A product of Mexico, these superberries are available in the US in convenient 3-ounce six pack bags. Describing their flavors as sweet, tangy, fun and fruity, these gluten and nut free treats will pack a (fruit) punch!
Must try: Made in Nature (Sun-kissed, Fully Charged)

7. Creepy Cookies

Created by moms, these are sweet and full of that fresh-out-of-the-oven crispiness, but baked with a not so secret ingredient — veggies! With interesting flavors like chocolate orange beet, gingerbread zucchini carrot and sweet potato oatmeal raisin, these treats are tasty and healthy too. Completely peanut-free and made at a tree nut-free facility, they even come in individual baggies. Best halloween give-away ever!
Must try: Bitsy’s Brainfood (Spooky Snack Pack), Bitsy’s Brainfood (Smart Cookies)

8. Petrifying PeaNot Cups

A non-peanut butter cup! While you may find it hard to believe, there’s a large variety of flavors, including dark chocolate. Plus they’re dairy-free, peanut-free, nut-free, egg-free, soy-free, wheat-free, sesame-free, fish-free, and shellfish-free, PHEW! The silky and creamy PeaNot filling is combined with a silky milk-less chocolate shell to produce an incredible “nutty” flavor. And the mini-sized cups make it a perfect Halloween giveaway.
Must try: No Whey! (Spook Free Chocolatey Sunflower Cups)

9. Possessed Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks are a huge chunk of our childhood and the experience of fizzing, snapping and crackling still fills our senses. Now, with watermelon, strawberry, tropical punch, cotton candy and bubblegum flavors, the characteristic popping sensation just got more flavorful. For a hair-raising flavor, try the Halloween special Pumpkin Patch Orange.
Must try: Pop Rocks (Halloween Special Pumpkin Patch Orange)

10. Spine-tingling Mints

From Junior Mints to Altoids, peppermint will always remain a classic and never go out of style. While some are spooky with black and orange centers, others are coated with melted chocolate! Whichever way you prefer, these are all gluten-free and peanut-free for trick or treaters.
Must try: Junior Mints (Spooky Mints), Tic Tac (Pumpkin Poop, Witch Warts)

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